July 19, 2006


Last Saturday was my and my wife’s sixth wedding anniversary. In celebration, we went to the beach we found earlier. We ate lobster rolls, and I braved the numerous jelly fish and went for a swim. Later that evening, my parents, who were visiting, took us out to dinner at the Marshlands Inn.

For anniversary gifts, my wife and I often try to follow the traditional anniversary themes. Traditionally, the sixth anniversary is candy or iron anniversary, though the more modern tradition is woodenware. Thus I bought my wife some dark chocolates (which are high in iron — good for the baby) and some books (made from trees, right?), as well as a couple of CDs she wanted. My wife was even more clever than I and bought me these:


In case you can’t tell from the picture, it’s a set of woodcarving tools and a book about woodcarving. So now I have a new hobby. I’ve been reading about the principles of it, have started with whittling techniques. I’ll write more about it once I’ve managed to accomplish something.

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