April 15, 2006


A couple of weeks ago my Latin class had an end-of-term party. The students all made various foods, including some traditional recipes. Though we couldn’t have the actual infamous Roman delicacy stuffed dormice, one student simulated it with jam-filled Timbits with icing for eyes and noses and licorice for tails — kind of terrifying but very amusing! My wife also made up some barley water — the water from boiling barley mixed with sweet wine and honey — much more drinkable than you might guess.

For entertainment, we read my favourite Medieval Latin poem, Nunc est bibendum (which means ‘It’s time to drink’), and played Latin Scrabble. Coincidentally, the CMS had its annual Latin Scrabble tournament, though the results haven’t been posted yet. My students seemed to really have fun with it, and I would be very pleased if the game took root here.

My students also gave me a giant thank-you card (written in Latin of course), which was very touching. I’ll really miss this group of students — we had a lot of fun this term, and they’re a quite good bunch. I do really like teaching language classes, be it Latin or Old English.

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