February 13, 2006


Well, due to the storm that hit the east coast, we’re having a snow day, as Mount A is closed today. Actually, the storm didn’t hit the Atlantic Canada as badly as it did the eastern seaboard US, but I guess if the highways aren’t clear enough, it’s a safety issue. While I’m sure we would have been able to get into campus, it would have been a bit of work getting out our door. Here’s some photo-evidence (click to enlarge):

snowday1.jpg snowday2.jpg snowday3.jpg snowday4.jpg

Of course back in Ottawa the transit system could be hobbled and still things wouldn’t be closed for a snow day. But then there’s Toronto, which calls in the military for a little bit of snow, so I guess this is somewhere in between. Ah well, I guess it’s a day of watching the Olympics for me…

Posted by Mark at February 13, 2006 08:42 AM | TrackBack

Lovely, lovely snow! I know it’s a pain to deal with the reality and weight of it, but as someone who’s had a virtually snowless winter, it sure is nice to see photos of a proper snowfall.

Posted by: S. Worthen at February 13, 2006 11:28 AM

I know I’m setting myself up for ridicule for for even mentioning this, but:

“but then there’s Toronto, which calls in the military for a little bit of snow…”

Was the response overly dramatic? Certainly. But the snow was up to the top of our front yard fence in about two days. That’s a lot of snow even by Ottawa standards.

Posted by: madhava at February 13, 2006 05:12 PM

Yeah, I guess I was being a little glib, but it wasn’t so much that they didn’t need help—they did for safety reason—but that they didn’t have the ability to deal with it on their own. Toronto is just not as equipped for or used to dealing so much snow.

Posted by: Mark at February 13, 2006 05:22 PM