August 03, 2004

With rhubarb my jar is laden

For our second preserve of the year (see my account of our first here and my wife’s account of our canning activities here), we decided to make use of the rhubarb from our garden and made gingered citrus-rhubarb jam, another long-boil jam with no added pectin. This recipe sounded so interesting and so yummy, we just couldn’t resist.


Again, the process was rather simple. In a large pot we put chopped rhubarb, orange peel and juice, lime peel and juice, sugar and grated fresh ginger, and then boiled it. Once the jam was boiled down to the right consistency, we went through the usual canning process. Since this time used both the larger 250 mL jars and the smaller 125 mL jars (five of each), we also had to use the make-shift insert for our canning kettle. We’ve found the the small jars don’t work too well with the usual rack in the kettle — they tend to fall through to the bottom — so we got a wire fruit basket for this purpose, which you can see in this picture:


It is also interesting to note that we seemed to produce 2.5 cups more jam than the recipe said. Not quite sure why.

[Note: My apologies to A.E. Houseman whose lovely poem I sorely mistreated in the title of this entry.]

Posted by Mark at August 3, 2004 03:43 PM