July 28, 2004


This is a continuation of my account of our typically Toronto activities with my father-in-law, comprising Sunday’s activities. Read on if interested in such things…

It seems that we only manage to get out to Dim Sum when someone comes to visit, so we certainly weren’t going to pass up this opportunity. On Sunday, my wife and I went with my father-in-law to our favourite Dim Sum restaurant, the Kowloon, 5 Baldwin Street. This is the type of Dim Sum restaurants in which you order dishes from a card rather than picking them off a cart as they go by. The cart system is fun, but when you order you can be sure to get everything you want. After stuffing ourselves happily — I’m addicted to pork shumai — we wandered into Kensington Market.

During the summer is Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market, which means that the market is closed to cars. It’s quite nice to be able to wander about more easily. Also part of this programme are special themes; this particular Sunday was Kensington Cook Off, but since we were so stuffed from Dim Sum, we didn’t eat anything. Our main activity was to search for some light, cotton, long-sleeved shirts for my father-in-law in the many boutiques, and we found the perfect thing in one particular shop that specialises in Indian clothing. There were also a number of steet performers in the market, and we saw one quite amusing performer who escaped from a straightjacket and juggled a torch, a machete, and an axe while balancing on a a raised board. We also saw the Kensington Community Band, I think they called themselves, led by, I believe, Richard Underhill of the Shuffle Demons and consisting of people from the community of varying abilities and backgrounds:


They were quite fun to listen to. After wandering around a bit more and picking up some vegetables for that night’s dinner, we walked back home looking at the gardens and trees along the way.

That night we decided to have a barbeque. We marinated short ribs in dark soya sauce, chili garlic sauce, sherry, and ginger, and made up vegetable packets of various peppers, zucchini, yellow squash, mushrooms, and onion with wasabi lime mustard (and other flavourings) in aluminum foil packets to go on the grill. We had a lovely time eating outside in the backyard where we sat until it was quite dark sipping after dinner drinks by candle light. Here are some photos (click on the image to enlarge):

nightdad.jpg nightmark.jpg nightaven.jpg nightmark2.jpg

A lovely end to a lovely day! Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of Ian’s visit to Toronto…

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