July 24, 2004

Cornucopia II

This posting is a follow-up to my previous summer cooking compendium. Again, I won’t include a full, blow-by blow account of the process, just a brief description and some pictures. Click on the extended entry to keep reading…

First of all, we made several more recipes from the 2004 Milk Calendar of the dairy farmers of Canada. There was the tangy chicken and vegetable stew:


This was a curry made with chicken thighs, onions, garlic, various spices (curry powder, salt, peper, cinnamon), lemon rind, lemon juice, flour (for thickening), milk, chicken stock, sweet potatoes, apples, and parsley.

We also made a red pepper and mushroom baked omelette, consisting of potato, eggs, milk, flour, tarragon, salt, pepper, mushrooms, red pepper, and Cheddar cheese. (Sorry, no picture.)

The most recent milk calendar recipe we did is called Fabulous Fillet of Salmon:


Fillets of salmon are placed in a baking dish and covered with asparagus and red peppers (as seen here). Then a mixture of flour, cream cheese, milk, lemon rind, dill, salt, and pepper is poured over the salmon and vegetables, and it is baked in the oven, and then served sprinkled with lemon juice. Unsurprisingly, Tigger showed some interest in this meal.

One other barbequed meal worth mentioning involved barbequed pork brined in a molasses brine. Among the accompanying side dishes was a fabulous potato salad, but what’s really worth mentioning here is the beautiful strawberry and rhubarb pies my wife made from the rhubarb from our garden (more soon on what else we’re doing with our home-grown rhubarb):


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