April 18, 2004

Sciellfiscas II

Last Thursday my wife and I did another iteration of our shrimp and scallop dish:


This time we served it on a bed of rice.

The first change we made to the recipe was to add leeks, as well as broccoli, to the shellfish. We also adjusted the cooking times a bit. We started out stirfrying the leeks until soft, then we added the broccoli to the wok. Since we used smaller scallops this time (and a more even ballance between the scallops and the shrimp), we were able to add both shellfish to the wok at the same time and have them cooked at the same time:


Due to the smaller size of the scallops we didn’t overcook the shrimp this time. The final modification we made was to add a splash of vermouth to the wok right at the end. It was definitely a good addition. I think we still need to adjust the ratio of the roasted garlic and chilli olive oils. Also, the leeks may have been a bit too delicate for the recipe, so we might try a different member of the onion family next time.

Posted by Mark at April 18, 2004 11:22 PM