April 17, 2004


Last weekend my parents visited for Easter. On Sunday, we had Easter dinner along with my sister and her husband:


You can also read my wife’s account of the dinner and see more pictures here. Before dinner, many martinis were drunk, and many appetizers provided by my mother were nibbled.

For the dinner itself, we made Lamb Folláin, which I’ve already written about in these two entries. As you can see, it came out very well:


Along with the lamb, we also made the jus as we did the last time we did Lamb Folláin, and also glazed the carrots in the marmalade as we did before. In addition, we roasted potatoes (with our favourite roasted garlic oil), and steamed some spinach (which we also tossed with roasted garlic oil).

The other side dish, deserving of special note, was asparagus. Since the key flavouring of the lamb was orange, we decided to make orange the unifying theme of our dinner. We steamed the asparagus, and made up an orange hollandaise to pour over it. We had made a lime hollandaise which we had found a recipe for before, so I figured there was no reason one couldn’t make an orange hollandaise. We simply added orange juice as well as lemon juice, along with some orange zest, to the egg, before blending while pouring in just-boiling butter. It came out very well indeed. We kept the hollandaise warm by submersing the jug in a bowl of warm water.

In the picture above, next to the hollandaise is the salad dressing we made. The salad itself consisted of romaine, boston lettuce, radicchio, frisée lettuce, and mesclun. We tied the salad into the theme by serving it with an orange vinagrette: orange juice, lemon juice, citrus olive oil, extra virgin olive oil from Tuscany, orange zest, Trapani sea salt from Tuscany, and freshly ground white pepper. The salad was also quite successful.

We set the table with our china, silverware, and crystal. Here’s a picture of the plated Easter dinner:


Dinner was accompanied by two different wines, Cave Spring Cabernet Merlot and Chateaux Puyfromage.

One final element to the orange-themed dinner: dessert. My wife made a chocolate cake flavoured with Grand Marnier, orange juice, orange flower water, and orange zest. You can read more about the cake and see pictures of it here. The cake was also a resounding success. Along with it we tippled Kittling Ridge Icewine & Brandy.

Indeed the the whole evening was very enjoyable, both for the wonderful and loving company and, if I may say so myself, for the delectable meal.

Posted by Mark at April 17, 2004 05:05 PM