April 16, 2004

Chili mid flæschmete

A while back my wife and I made chili con carne, with corn bread and salad:


Not a very fancy meal, but a very satisfying one amid the end-of-term craziness.

First of all we browned the ground beef and then added diced onions to the pan. Next we added the chili powder and fried until fragrant.

The next stage in this very simple recipe was to add all the rest of the ingredients: diced tomatoes, pre-soaked and boiled romano and red kidney beans, canned corn, and green pepper. The seasonings included salt, pepper, and cinnamon. We also added some beer (Grolsch lager, to be specific) and left it to simmer.

We also made corn bread according to my wife’s recipe — though I’m told that the recipe from The Purity Cookbook is the best. After mixing the ingredients, we put the batter into a pre-heated cast iron pan and baked until done. There’s nothing quite like good cast iron cookware. Perhaps sometime I’ll blog about my various cookware preferences.

Posted by Mark at April 16, 2004 12:07 PM